Monday, May 14, 2012

Our Last Days in Italy


This is us driving up to the Top of Monte Grappa. 

At the top it was snow covered and we were in a cloud.

Got to love men... and the boy's inside of them. Tony is getting ready to try to hit a sign with a snow ball!

Would you believe me if I told you at the base of this mountain it was 75 degrees.

So beautiful!! Oh how I miss it! 

I took this on our way down from monte grappa. It was so the Lord I was praying for my sister who was in Uganda at the time and then we turn a corner and their is AFRICA!! 

A bunch of Tony's co-workers met us at Epoca the last week to say goodbye.

Tony and Massimo. Massimo you are an amazing man and friend and we are so thankful that the Lord allowed our paths to cross. You are welcome in our home anytime!! =0) 

Erica and Massimo. Such a sweet and caring couple! 

This is in Verona on our way back to Milan to get on the plane. 

This is one of the main squares. I love people watching!

Juliet's window. This is the actual widow they used in the movie. Romeo and Juliet 

I had more fun just searching for it. It's crazy how many people were in this small alley.

This is the second largest Areana in Italy. Look at those too cuties.

They have a huge market of fresh foods, home made goods, and tons of other things going almost completely around the areana. See those dark clouds we barely made it back to the car when the bottom dropped out. 

I love the building the details... the history. 

This was us walking into Sirmone. A little town in Lake Gaurda.

I thank God everyday for giving me such a LOVING MAN. He makes me feel beautiful even on my roughest days. 

Mom and Dad Zanca stayed in downtown Sirmone.  This is the only bridge in or out. I can't imagine the chaos of trying to drive in... but its BEAUTIFUL!!

We got to go in the castle for free we were so excited!!

Every view was breath taking!!

What a beautiful country! Thank you Lord for allowing us to get a taste of it!! 

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